ToMo Tankovna, introduces Czech beer culture to Maidenhead’s Waterside Quarter

ToMo Tankovna has officially opened its doors at Maidenhead’s popular Waterside Quarter. The opening weekend delighted customers with an authentic Czech beer experience, offering the finest cuisine and treating guests to traditionally poured, CO2 free beer.  

Adding to Maidenhead’s vast array of delicious dining options, the restaurant offers the finest Central and Eastern European-inspired dishes, enriching the local dining scene with its unique flavours. The menu is a foodie masterpiece crafted by the restaurant’s highly acclaimed head chef, who hails from the renowned Michelin starred venue, The Fat Duck.  

Run by husband-and-wife team, Tomasz and Monika, ToMo Tankovna takes guests on a delicious culinary journey, surpassing all expectations. This includes serving the finest Budvar beer, which is traditionally poured from distinctive taps straight from the brewery without any added CO2. Not only can guests see the fascinating beer-pouring process for themselves, but they can also learn more about it from the serving staff, who can explain the history behind the highly unique serving technique.  

The opening day saw the local community show enthusiasm for Maidenhead’s latest offering, with many residents showing their support to the latest addition of Waterside Quarter.  

Tomasz Balsam, Co-owner of ToMo Tankovna, said: “We have worked hard to bring this truly unique Czech experience to Maidenhead, which includes the finest European-inspired dishes, coupled with the finest traditionally poured beer. We’re pleased to say our doors are now open and we are thrilled with the success of the opening. We’re looking forward to providing guests with first class food, drink and service, all with a highly authentic touch, over the coming weeks and months.” 

Guy Thomas, Property & Asset Manager at Sorbon Estates, said: “The opening of ToMo Tankovna is incredibly exciting and we are delighted to welcome the restaurant to Waterside Quarter. Visitors can enjoy the finest Czech beer experience they won’t find anywhere else, making ToMo Tankovna an absolute must-visit venue.” 

ToMo Tankovna joins the vast array of eateries at Waterside Quarter, including local favourites Sauce & Flour, El Cerdo, Bardo Lounge and Coppa Club as part of the new development by Shanly Homes and Sorbon Estates. The brilliant location ensures easy accessibility for all customers to savour the restaurant’s offerings for any occasion. 

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