Cocoba Chocolate Café Set to Sweeten Waterside Quarter

Cocoba Chocolate Café is gearing up to make its mark on Waterside Quarter in Maidenhead, bringing a delightful array of treats for chocolate lovers.

Your Everyday Indulgence: Cocoba Coffee Blend, Loose Leaf Teas, and More!

Cocoba’s signature coffee blend and carefully selected loose leaf teas will be on offer, providing a satisfying experience for coffee and tea enthusiasts alike.

Decadent Treats for Every Mood: Hot Chocolate, Iced Drinks, and Gourmet Bites!

Dive into the rich world of hot chocolate with Cocoba’s diverse menu, featuring classic favourites and innovative twists. For those seeking a refreshing option, a selection of iced chocolate drinks will also be available. Complementing the drinks, Cocoba will offer freshly baked baguettes, sandwiches, soups, paninis, salads, and more.

Sweet Endings with Cocoba’s Signature Desserts!

Indulge in Cocoba’s signature desserts, including chocolate waffles, warm chocolate cookie dough with ice-cream, and a stunning dessert bombe, promising a satisfying conclusion to your visit.

Warm Welcome to Chocolate Enthusiasts!

Cocoba is excited to open its doors to chocolate lovers in the Maidenhead community. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick treat or settling in for a leisurely visit, Cocoba aims to provide a welcoming space for everyone.

To sweeten the deal, be sure to sign up for Cocoba’s newsletter and enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on your first visit. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer as Cocoba Chocolate Café prepares to become your new go-to spot for delicious delights!

As the grand opening approaches, stay tuned for the delicious addition that Cocoba Chocolate Café will bring to Waterside Quarter. Get ready to savour the simple joys of quality chocolate and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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